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Hi there,

Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the web! My name is Daniel, I live in beautiful Nelson, New Zealand, and in spite of being legally blind and faced with a few other physical challenges, I have my own jewellery business - Paua by Dan.


It all started after seeing the shine of the polished paua shells from my Dad's fishing weekend in March 2010. I just loved the colours of the shells and decided to have a go at making pendants from them. 


At home, with a hacksaw and sandpaper,  I determinedly set about my project. I can't see well enough to work with tiny beads and wires, but my sense of touch allows me to determine shapes, file, and sand each piece of paua. The project was simply meant to keep me busy, but friends and family loved the jewellery so much they said I should start I business!


I now create all sorts of paua jewellery, each piece unique, carefully sanded to a satin smooth finish. 

With a little help the pieces are treated with a clear enamel varnish and fashioned into beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. I believe the simple designs enhance the natural beauty of the paua shell.  More recently, I've been inspired to get back into the shed with a newfound love of whittling. After being given some beautiful recycled New Zealand timber I figured I could use my skills to make something new - and Wonky Spoons was born! Now, in addition to the jewellery I am creating heaps of handmade spatulas, spoons, charcuterie sets, and more - all unique pieces with a slightly wonky twist.


I am very proud of my work and hope you like it too!


- Daniel


p.s. After nearly two years of writing and editing, my autobiography is out now! It's available in paperback and Kindle format at:

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