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Nelson, New Zealand



Having purpose to your day is essential, whether you live with or without a disability. Daniel Younghusband has refused to be beaten by his challenges and has turned a small idea an inspiring enterprise.

Beginning with a few Paua shells collected by his father, Dan was inspired to make shapes from the beautiful native shell. These shapes evolved into simple jewellery pieces and "Paua by Dan" was born.








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Polished Paua Shell


With the calloused exterior removed, the hidden hues are coated to a beautiful finish and add a classic 'Kiwi' touch to any display.

Every shell is unique. Some shells boast a range of deep blues and purples while others display a softer range of pinks and greens. If there is a range of colours you'd like in particular, please ask and we'll do our best to match shells to requests.

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    This is how all Paua by Dan products begin life; as a whole shell full of shapes, colours, and possibilities.

    If you'd like to try making your own paua pieces, please note paua dust must be handled with proper equipment and ventilation.
    Or just leave it to us and enjoy a wide variety of beautiful paua products hand-crafted for you!